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Domanet Divine 

Certified Sound Healer & Lifestyle Wellness Coach.


Through her one-on-one coaching and healing programs, she empowers her clients to transform their lives and create divine lifestyle changes in the face of stress, anxiety and trauma. Guiding them through a process of self-discovery and personal development, she guides them to take ownership of their well-being and encourages positive habits such as self care and self love.

To build upon these techniques, she introduces strategies for energetic healing which include Meditation, Chakra balancing, Reiki, Sound Healing Therapy and Health and Wellness- all specifically tailored to the client's individual needs. Throughout this journey of growth and development, she provides constant support and accountability - enabling her clients to reach their full potential.

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January 20-23, 2023

Get ready for the ultimate self-care weekend with Pretty Girls Meditate's Soul Care Retreat.  This incredible weekend is designed to be an oasis of self-care and reflection, giving you the opportunity to manage your stress, anxiety and trauma. What better way to celebrate our first year in business than with this empowering experience?


Recharge your spirit and come join us for a full weekend of nourishment for your mind, body, and soul. Now is the time -  because yes girls, it’s time to pour back into YOU. 


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Pretty Girls Meditate
Pretty Girls Meditate
Jul 21, 2024, 2:00 PM
Pop UP And Create Coworking and Event Sp

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does”

William James

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