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Reflect. Release.



Are you tired of being tired, unmotivated and a little bit sad? Pretty Girls Meditate creates the time and space you need to reflect, release and let go based off 5 divine practiced concepts: Music, Movement, Meditation, Mindfulness and Nutrition. 


Come with us on our next Pretty Girls Meditate event.  It's a self care Sunday worth having!

The Journey to Self Renewal

We organized our first connection after realizing how important it is to have a safe space and dedicated time for disconnecting from the daily grind. Providing our participants with opportunities to recharge their body, mind, and soul with positive energy and reconnect with themselves.


What to expect:


Opening ceremony

  • Receive a Rose as a token of gratitude for showing up for yourself.

  • Gain understanding of the Chakra System, their foods and your body.

  • Enjoy fresh juice related to your Chakras centers and set intentions.


flow and movement

  • Become in tune with your body to activate your energy centers

  • A mix of stretching, yoga and dance

  • Become in tune with your body to activate your energy centers


nourish and connect

  • Creating a safe space of healing and acceptance.

  • Food and light refreshments served

  • Develop meaningful connections and support with others


divine healing

  • Focus your attention and awareness to improve focus and concentration with a guided meditation

  • Relieve pain and promote deep relaxation and calm the nervous system

  • 30 minute sound bowl healing session

Channel Your Inner Light

women meditating, sound bowl healing session

Research has shown that cultivating a healthy mindset and emotional outlook can greatly enhance one's overall wellbeing.

Stress and anxiety are caused by both external and internal factors, such as work, demand, family issues, medical conditions, financial problems, or life changes.  Taking the initiative to develop new ways to create balance and structure in your daily by taking time to focus on yourself will help you feel better and more in control of your mental wellbeing. 


  • Establish healthy eating habits with juicing.

  • Learn the Chakra energy centers and association with foods.

  • Help reduce the levels of stress hormones in the body.


  • Improve concentration focus. and mental clarity.  

  • Reduce stress & release tensionenhance creativity.

  • Improved physical & mental health.


Improve circulation, flexibility        and balance.

Release pain & stuck emotions.

Improve mood, and increase     self confidence.  

Sound Bowl Healing

  • Provides relaxation and stress relief. 

  • Increased clarity and focus.

  • Improved circulation digestion.

  • Helps to harmonize the body and brain. 

No upcoming events at the moment
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